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Monday, November 26, 2012


Impostora or The Impostor (International title) is a Philippine drama aired on GMA Network. It is directed by renowned director Maryo J. de los Reyes starring Sunshine Dizon and Iza Calzado.
The series is the first of GMA Network’s grand 57th anniversary offering, it began airing on June 4, and concluded on September 21. The series was successfully aired internationally, with a three-week delay, from June 20, 2007 until October 9, 2007 on GMA Pinoy TV. It was shown in Malaysia.
From September 23, 2011 until January 10, 2012 GMA Life TV aired its English-dubbed version worldwide.

Format Drama, Romance
Created by RJ Nuevas
Directed by Maryo J. de los Reyes
Starring Sunshine Dizon
Iza Calzado
Jennica Garcia
Mart Escudero
Jean Garcia
Chanda Romero
Luis Alandy
Alfred Vargas
Mark Anthony Fernandez
Jenny Miller
Theme music composer Tata Betita
Opening theme Aicelle Santos
Ending theme Faith Cuneta
Country of origin Philippines
Language(s) Filipino, Tagalog, English
No. of episodes 80 episodes
Executive producer(s) Winnie Hollis-Reyes
Running time 30-45 minutes
Original channel GMA Network
Picture format 480i SDTV
Original run June 4, 2007 – September 21, 2007


The story starts with the birth of the conjoined twins Lara and Sara Carreon (Iza Calzado). Their parents wanted them to live a normal life, so at the right age, they were separated through operation but this separation proved to be more of a curse than a blessing. Because of their uncle Delfin's (Gary Estrada) hatred towards their father (Romnick Sarmenta) and the greed of their aunt Betty (Jean Garcia), their lives will turn to a living hell. They were bombarded with debts from the operation and their father died because of their uncle. This left their mother (Gelli De Belen) no choice but to separate them and give them for adoption.
Lara experienced first hand the cruelty of her aunt Betty and her diabolical cousin Vanessa (Sunshine Dizon). She escaped and was taken care of by a good samaritan but her mother died in the hands of her aunt. She grew up to become a beautiful, head-strong woman with the desire to find her sister and to extract revenge on the people who made their lives a living hell. Meanwhile, Sara was taken by a family who never wanted her and only adopted her because they needed a help. Because of a freak accident, her face was burned and grew up to become a deformed, weak woman. She escaped and was adopted by a kind lady. She has no self-confidence and is always bullied.
But this changed when she meets Dr. Leandro Meneses (Luis Alandy). He was kind to her and she almost fell in love with him. He also taught her things about high society and etiquette. He then offered to do her plastic surgery. At first, she was hesitant but because of a problem with a gangster, she agreed. The operation was a success but when she looks at her reflection, she sees another face. She then realizes that this is all just an elaborate plot of another woman, her forgotten cousin, the supermodel Vanessa.
Sara discovers too late that Vanessa and Leandro are actually lovers and she is just a pawn in their giant scheme. While Vanessa is away with Leandro in some far away paradise spending the stolen money from her husband, Nicolas Cayetano (Mark Anthony Fernandez), Sara will become her "double" and experience all the punishment that is due for her and to fool everyone as if she never left. So when all the heat is gone she can still come back as if nothing ever happened.
At first, it was hell for Sara. All of the people thinks that they are extracting revenge on Vanessa. She almost went to prison but because of her good heart, she manages to make everyone love "the new Nessa" and starts to love the family the real Vanessa never appreciated. Sara's secret was discovered by her mother in law, Dona Anatella, through a secret DNA test, but surprisingly she said that she prefers Sara over the real Vanessa because she genuinely loves them. Sara already has the family she has been wishing for all her life but suddenly after more than a year without any news, the real Vanessa comes back to claim her rightful place & this time with a plan to steal a larger amount of money from Nicolas & his family's fortune.
The secret Sara is trying to keep is now out in the open when Vanessa showed up in public to humiliate her after she refused to leave the mansion. But much to their surprise, Nicolas chose Sara. He is now in love with the impostor and told them that he knows the truth even before Vanessa showed up. He has been suspicious all along but he does not want Sara to leave the mansion. Nicolas wants an annulment for him to marry Sara. That is bad news for Vanessa and her mom, Betty since they're bankrupt and direly needs Nicolas's money. Vanessa and Betty tried to kill her but luckily a miracle happened.
Lara all this time has been tracking Betty and Vanessa. She met Carlos (Alfred Vargas), an lawyer who gave her the resources to plan her revenge, since he was also a victim of Vanessa's evil before. Lara thought Sara was Vanessa and tried to resume her thwarted plan of killing Vanessa who unknown to her was her real sister. But a because of the scar on their backs and the memories that they both have, it was enough proof and finally the twins found each other. Now Sara has Lara to back her up and has now met Nicolas as well.
Betty and Vanessa tried kill the twins once and for all by blowing them up with a bomb but her plan backfired and Betty lost both her legs. Everyone thought Vanessa is already dead with the explosion, but ironically she became the impostor when she kidnapped the real Sara and went to the wedding ceremony. She almost succeeded but because of Lara, her plan failed. Sara came in time to convince everyone that the woman in the altar is a fake. Vanessa left in anger and in shame but this is also the day she receives her karma. Her lover Leandro is now, literally insanely in love with her. Vanessa left him to be with Nicolas again because he has more money than Leandro. She told him that he is stupid because she only used him to operate on Sara. He is just another one of her whims and her flings and she doesn't need him anymore. This made him so angry that he spilled battery acid on her face and destroyed the beauty she uses to deceive everyone. Meanwhile, Betty died in a horrible car crash while trying to go to Vanessa. Vanessa was arrested for all the crimes she did and was mocked by all people because of her hideous face. Finally the twins are re-united. Lara is now engaged to Carlos and Sara is now married to Nicolas. THE END

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